LJGA Establishes Recovery Fund 2023

August 15, 2023 - Lahaina Junior Golf Association’s Board of Directors has established the 2023 Ho`ala Fund. (Ho`ala means renewal and awakening in Hawaiian). In the wake of the Lahaina disaster, which is the century's most deadly in U.S. history, according to National Fire Protection Association. we ask for your support.

A fund devoted to recovery has been established to support our organization's members in the aftermath of the Lahaina wildfire. Lahaina Junior Golf Association is a network of 120 families with an extended ohana that includes of hundreds of Lahaina's people. Efforts are underway to locate them and support their needs as well as other devastated families. The city remains without power, limited cellular service and with fires still burning as of today.

Funds will be deployed to respond to a wide variety of emerging needs including support services such as restoration of the association's operations, family support services that may be unmet by government and other charitable programs servicing the area. These might include access to life-sustaining necessities and stabilization including food, shelter and crisis counseling. And ultimately, access to the tournament season to ensure golf clubs, transportation and other needs so that participation is possible for the families who wish to participate in the season.

All donations are fully tax-deductible. Your kokua is urgently needed.


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Our Community of Families includes 120 keiki, their siblings, parents and kupuna.